Friday, February 22, 2013

The Californian enters a partnership with the leading news talk radio group in Kern County for a full daily three-hour simulcast broadcast in high definition video, a first of its kind venture

 "When people ask me about the future of newspapers, and they get that gloomy look in their eyes, I remind them it’s all about the content. If people are engaged, and care about their community and the government that serves them, then what we do is vitally important to the community we call home.
What is not vitally important is how that content is delivered. Our work now appears in print, in multiple digital forms, on iPads and Nooks, in video story-tellings packages, in text news alerts and on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
 The idea that this newspaper is a on- size fits all printed product is little more than a nostalgic Rockwellian image of the past.
 "The Bakersfield Californian has always prided itself about being on the cutting edge of technology (our website was launched back in 1995) and we are keenly aware that readers and advertisers are finding new ways to obtain content and reach their advertisers. That why change is part of our company culture, and serving our readers and advertisers on mulitple platforms is something we talk about every day. And today, we are taking the next step.
 "Our latest venture involves a partnership between the Californian and locally owned American General Media, the leading radio group serving Bakersfield and Kern County. Effective in early March, we will be creating a three-hour daily news show, simulcast on radio and streamed lived in high definition video on It is basically a radio and TV show all in one smart package, leveraging the expertise of some of the most talent editors and reporters in town inside The Californian.
The venture is believed to be one of the first of its kind in the nation, pairing the leading newspaper with the market leader in news talk radio. A television studio has been built in the heart of The Californian newsroom where the show will run daily from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.
 "The daily program will be titled “First Look with Scott Cox” and will feature news, weather, entertainment, interviews with newsmakers and The Californian’s stable of popular columnists. Cox is an employee of American General Media, owner of KERN 1180 where the show willl air, and will serve as moderator of a panel of three or four newsmakers.
 "The Californian constructed a studio in the middle of the third floor newsroom and will stream high-definition video. AGM will provide producers, a news reader and Cox, while The Californian will draw on its award winning editors and reporters to help provide content, insight, investigative journalism and news commentary.
 "Other newspapers are doing live video and news shows from their newsrooms, but to my knowledge no one else is doing it in partnership with the leading radio news talk leader.
 "First Look will be part Meet the Press, part The Dan Patrick Show and part Imus in the Morning. It will be newsy, witty and fast paced. You’ll be able to hear it on the radio or watch it in high definition live on
 "So yes, newspapers are alive and well, changing and evolving. Join us in March for First Look. And watch us grow."

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Please keep in mind your columnists are writers and not necessarily skilled in other media. It will be interesting to watch this develop. This may not be the best venue for this but...please stress proof reading.