Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If Jeff Jarvis thinks content should be free, why does he charge $27 for his new book?

There's a healthy debate about the future of newspapers and what constitutes "free" content in the age of the internet. One of the biggest proponents of free content is Jeff Jarvis whose "Buzzmachine" blog is always thought provoking. Now comes Alan Mutter, whose "Newsosaur" blog has its own following, challenging Jarvis and some of the assertions he makes in his new book "What Would Google Do?" Mutter writes:

Given Jeff’s deeply held belief that content should be free, why is he charging a retail price of $26.99 for his new book?

The central thesis of Jeff’s book, “What Would Google Do?”, seems to be that music, news stories, legal advice and other types of intellectual property should be free to roam the web to create links and communities which, somehow, Providence eventually will monetize.

So, why is Jeff charging $27.99 for the audio version of his new book?

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