Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stan Harper: Cal budget nothing more than a valentine to state employee unions

The sound and the fury over the new state budget (see earlier post here)is bringing everyone out, it seems. Conservative political consultant Stan Harper joined the chorus calling for state Sen. Roy Ashburn's head for supporting the budget compromise. Harper responded to an email from Mark Salvaggio, the former city councilman, in which Salvaggio praised Ashburn's "courage" for helping save the state from financial ruin. Harper then chimed in (while copying in dozens of others, including me) saying Salvaggio was simply off base.

"(I) don't understand why any legislator would want to increase any tax ... let's face it Mark, this was simply a SUPPORT THE UNION budget. Why are we rewarding only the union workers while penalizing the rest of the taxpayers? ... we need to support recall campaigns that are going after those GOP legislators that crossed party lines and fiscally bankrupting California."

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