Thursday, February 19, 2009

Release the hounds! They're after Ashburn's head

State Sen. Roy Ashburn, the Bakersfield Republican, cast one of the key deciding votes to pass the state budget today. For a guy who built is career standing against taxes, it was like a slap in the face to his conservative supporters, who are now after his head. Bakersfield's right-wing talk radio - notably Inga Barks of KERN 1180 and Jaz McKay on KNZR 1560 - was abuzz today about Roy's turnabout, which left everyone wondering: "Why did he do it?" Already termed out in the Senate, street speculation is that Roy is positioning himself for a state appointment, but who knows? Meanwhile, former city councilman Mark Salvaggio threw Roy some love. In an email to me and a ton of others, Mark praised Roy's courage.

"Your legislative courage helped save our state from economic collapse," he wrote. "I hope you are now getting some much-needed rest. Don't fret over Inga Barks' intransigence."

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