Monday, February 16, 2009

The rupture is complete: Younger out at law firm

It appears that all hope of Milt Younger returning to the slip-and-fall plaintiff's law firm he helped found is over. If you remember, Milt's nephew Dave Cohn (pictured)took over Chain-Younger when Milt "retired" a few months ago. Then Milt, whose outsized ego is legendary, decided to return to active law (despite some health issues) with his old partner of Tim Lemucchi and launched a series of TV commercials. Meanwhile, word on the street was that Milt, who is 78, was thinking of returning to Chain-Younger (or asking to) but that didn't happen. Instead, Cohn and his partners moved on and today launched a series of new TV spots branding the firm "Chain, Cohn and Stiles," a final blow to any chance Milt might reunite with the old firm.


Anonymous said...

Outsized egos seem to be obligatory for these fellows....they missed their calling when "L.A. Law" went off the air!

Anonymous said...

Milt Younger's tv commercial makes him look like one of those middle earth creatures in Lord of the Rings ... its awful

Jack said...

Milt Younger, The “Old Lion” is as active now as ever- practicing law with his old partner Tim Lemucchi- as Younger and Lemucchi.
Younger created the Chain Younger firm and was its mainstay for more than forty years. His departure from the firm is due to the ungrateful treachery of his nephew, David Cohn, who owes his career to his uncle.
In addition to being one of the finest lawyers in the history of Kern County, Younger has made major contributions to our community. He has been a supporter of Cal State Bakersfield since it’s beginning and has an honorary doctorate in recognition of this and his continued to service on the Foundation Board. He has devoted much of his life and money to supporting such worthwhile local institutions as the Child Guidance Clinic (president), the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra (president), the Bakersfield College Foundation and the Center for Democratic Education (president) the Arts Counsel of Kern, the Kern County Labor counsel (life time award) and numerous bond issues and measures for the support of public education. His effort to build a center for the performing arts is ongoing. His efforts on behalf of working people and minorities are well recognized. The Mayor has declared a “Milt Younger day”. The Kern County Bar association has bestowed “The Bench and Bar Award”. He has received commendations from governors and the State Legislature.
In short, the Cohn firm has lost it’s most illustrious member and you can bet that “Old Lion” Younger will continue to roar in his law practice and service to our community.

Anonymous said...

Milt Younger is all washed up. He should just retire to Palm Beach if he can afford to do so and let the younger guys run the show.